Online Banking with BlueIQ™ Makes Year-end Reporting Easy

Tuesday, March 21 at 03:50 PM
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Did you know we have a reporting feature in Online Banking with BlueIQ™ which provides end-of-year summaries by category? It only takes a few minutes to export your transactions into Microsoft® Excel® and create a report of the transactions and totals you want to see.  

Here are some helpful steps to walk you through this process:

1. In Online Banking with BlueIQ™, go to the Transaction tab. Choose the account(s) you wish to report on.

2. Select the Calendar icon to choose a date range and select search.

3. Select the Export icon and choose Export to Excel (.CSV). 

4. Select Download and then open file.                          

5. Adjust the column width for each column accordingly.

6. Use the Excel Sort feature to sort the spreadsheet by category (column E).

7. To have the spreadsheet provide subtotals for each category do the following:
  • Select the Credit or Debit column header
  • Select the Subtotal feature (found under Data)
  • Select Category in the first drop down (at each change in)
  • Select Subtotal in the second drop down (use function)
  • Select Debit and Credit in the third drop down (add subtotal to) 
  • Select OK
8. In the top left corner of the Excel file, click on 2 to see only the category and totals.

We hope this will help as you pull end of year summaries and other reports you need. If you need additional assistance with this or anything else regarding Online Banking with BlueIQ™, then please contact Customer Service at (844) 225-8347, and we’d be happy to assist you. 
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