ATMs Added in Missouri

Wednesday, May 15 at 09:25 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

For your convenience, we’ve added five Arvest cash dispensing machines throughout Missouri. These new machines are outside in Wal-Mart parking lots next to Murphy USA gas stations. These cash dispensing machines allow customers to do everything they can do on an ATM except make deposits and setup and use ATM Preferences. Arvest customers will have the ability to conduct withdrawals, make transfers and request balance inquiries on the machines.

The new machines are in the following locations:

  • 1106 N. Massey Blvd., Nixa, MO
  • 1721 S. 19th St., Ozark, MO
  • 1140 US Highway 60 E., Republic, MO
  • 2106 N. Main Ave., Mountain Grove, MO
  • 3516 W. Sunshine, Springfield, MO

Machines will soon be placed in the following locations:

  • 3018 S. Elliot, Aurora, MO
  • 14727 State Highway, Marshfield, MO
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